• Shanxi International Energy Group (SIEG) is one of the twelve biggest state-owned enterprises in Shanxi Province, mainly engaging in the investment of energy projects, including electric power, coal, gas, new energy, sewage disposing, garbage power, tourism and real estate. SIEG operates more than 30 subsidiaries, with total assets of 30.3 billion Yuan.
    In Dec 2007, in order to strengthen its power, approved by the Ministry of Commerce and Shanxi Provincial Government, SIEG joined hands with four oversea investors to found Gemeng International Energy Co., Ltd(GMIE),with total registered capital of 10 billion Yuan, SIEG holding 47% shares, KEPCO 34%, Deutsche Bank 9%, J-Power 7%, and Chugoku Electric Power INC. 3%.
       In recent years, SIEG(GMIE), under the leadership of the Shanxi Provincial Committee of CPC and Shanxi Provincial Government, sticks to the ideology of “transition development”, developing vigorously “Seven Business Sectors” strategy and taking the development of green power and clean energy as its task.. The power generation, as the core business, realized the safe, steady and refined management. The total controllable installation capacity reached 4420Mw. Eight 300MW units which are under construction has become the main force of the electric power construction in Shanxi. The installation capacity of waste coal fired units which are either in operation or under construction has reached 2750MW, accounting for half of the total installation capacity of SIEG, making it an electric power generation company in China with biggest installation capacity of waste coal fired units and biggest single unit capacity in CFBC. During the “Twelfth Five Year Plan”, SIEG will start the constructions in Gaoping with 2×600MW, Gucheng with 2x1000MW and Yuxian with 2x1000MW, which will consolidate the position of SIEG in the electric power field in Shanxi.
    SIEG also keeps a strong impetus in the business fields like coal, gas, new energy, water, real estate and tourism. It acquired six coal mines by taking the opportunity of “coal consolidation” in Shanxi and became the only entity which was entitled by Shanxi Provincial Government to collaborate with Sinopec to construct 500 miles of gas distribution pipeline from Taiyuan to Changzhi in the east of Shanxi and 8 gas distribution branch pipelines with total length of 300 miles. The operational wind power has reached 150MW. SIEG also operates the first garbage fired power plant in Shanxi, consuming 450 thousands tons of garbage, accounting for more than half of the garbage produced by Taiyuan city. SIEG owns 9 waste water disposing projects which are in operation or under construction. Besides, solar power, IGCC and water power projects will be started soon.
    In three short years, SIEG has developed into a large competitive energy enterprise group, its seven business sectors developing in coordination, its assets doubling, its operating income increasing dramatically and its management system keeping improving. During the “Twelfth Five Year Plan”, SIEG will further introduce the advanced technology, management experience and foreign capital and consistently create the new setup of transitional development and make great contributions to social economy and environment protection in Shanxi.