Shanxi International Energy Group (SIEG) is a large state-owned energy enterprise in Shanxi Province invested by Shanxi Provincial State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission.
    In Dec 2007, in order to implement the strategy of “Stepping Out” proposed by Shanxi Provincial Committee of CPC and Shanxi Provincial Government, SIEG joined hands with KEPCO, Deutsche Bank, J-Power and Chugoku Electric Power INC. to found Gemeng International Energy Co., Ltd(GMIE),with total registered capital of 10 billion Yuan, total assets of 30.3 billion Yuan and SIEG holding majority shares of 47%. 
    By scientifically analyzing the economic situation of the world and sticking to ideology of transitional development, SIEG implemented the strategy of “Seven Business Sectors”. The power generation, as the core business, realized the safe, steady and refined management. SIEG also keeps a strong impetus in the business fields like coal, gas, new energy, water, real estate and tourism. In three short years, SIEG has developed into a large competitive energy enterprise group, its seven business sectors developing in coordination, its assets doubling, its operating income increasing dramatically and its management system keeping improving. Hereon, on behalf of the staff of SIEG, I would like to extend my sincere gratitude for those who has been showing their consistent cares and supports to the development of SIEG.
    During the “Twelfth Five Year Plan”, SIEG will further introduce the advanced technology, management experience and foreign capital and consistently create the new setup of transitional development, making itself a internationalized investment group focusing on electric power, new energy and basic industry.