The Party Committee of SIEG Deeply Study and Implement the Important Thought of Xi Jinping on Party Building

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  The Party Committee of SIEG continues to strengthen Party building, making learning and implementing the important ideas of Xi Jinping on Party building an important part of the theme education. It adheres to political construction as the leadership, comprehensively promotes Party building, and leads the high-quality development of the group's work with high-quality Party building.
  The group held a learning meeting for the Party Committee Central Group, focusing on the spirit of important speeches of Xi Jinping and combining with the case studies summarized by the group, to carry out learning and discussion, and deepen the understanding of Party building.
  The Party Committee of the Group adheres to the top-down connection, continuously consolidating the ideological strength of party members and cadres, strictly implement the first issue system, and the Party Committee will arrange and deploy as soon as possible after the learning meeting, issue a suggested learning directory, and timely incorporate the spirit of important speeches and other latest important speeches into the learning plan and complete the learning.
  The group strengthens the combination of learning and application, and promotes the deep integration of party building and business. The group always adhere to the leadership of the Party, strengthen Party building, innovate Party building work models, establish a smart Party building system, comprehensively promote the Amoeba model of Party building+refined management, carry out Party building project oriented work and characteristic Party branch construction work for three consecutive years, and fully promote the deepening and implementation of the Four Revolutions and One Cooperation.
  The group party committee has issued the Three Clearances to fully promote the high-quality development of grassroots party building.

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