Group Party Committee Fully Promotes Deepening, Realizing, and High Quality Development of Theme Education

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  The party committee of the group company, with a high degree of political consciousness and strong mission responsibility, fully promotes the deepening, implementation, and high-quality implementation of theme education.
  The Party Committee of the Group has strengthened its systematic planning, put efforts into the rapid implementation of responsibility transmission, closed-loop throughout the entire process, and has issued a total of 55 work reminders, making timely arrangements and guidance on important work and key issuesThe group company has held 8 meetings of the theme education leadership group, 9 meetings of the party committee, and 12 collective learning sessions of the theoretical learning center group to study and deploy theme education work.
  The Party Committee of the Group strengthens its deep understanding and adheres to the principle of putting theory first. They have organized 12 key learning sessions, 2 interactive and experiential immersive on-site learning sessions, and 5 in-depth exchanges and discussions. A typical case exchange seminar on theme education was held, a group system theory lecture competition was held, and a symposium for united front workers to learn and implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China was held.
  The Party Committee of the Group always adhere to a problem oriented approach, focus on the central work of the group's reform and development, and conduct comprehensive research on the urgent needs and concerns of employees and the masses. Efforts are made to study the problems that constrain high-quality development, analyze the risks and challenges faced thoroughly, and find accurate methods for improving work. As of now, the leadership team of the group company has conducted more than 20 surveys on party members and cadres, sorted out 8 key problem lists, and refined 21 rectification measures.
  The Party Committee of the Group strengthens practical responsibility and makes efforts to promote development and improve effectiveness. They place their foothold on promoting high-quality development and take new measures to push various work to a new level.

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